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Admission/application alerts are important parts of the admissions process because they help prospective students stay informed about important deadlines, updates, and other relevant information related to their application status.


Here are some specific reasons why admission/application alerts are important:

Admission/application alerts can help students keep track of important application deadlines, such as when to submit application materials, when to take standardized tests, and when to submit required documentation.

Alerts can keep students informed about any changes to the application process, such as changes in admissions requirements, new application materials that are required, or updates to the application review process.

With so many deadlines and requirements to keep track of, admission/application alerts can help ensure that students submit their applications on time and complete all necessary steps in the application process.

The college admissions process can be stressful and overwhelming, but receiving regular updates and alerts can help students feel more in control of the process and reduce anxiety.

Overall, admission/application alerts are an important tool for helping prospective students stay informed and on top of the admissions process.


In India, the admission process for all reputed Institutions starts in the August of every academic year. But as a result of preparing for board exams and other activities, a majority of students tend to miss their application deadlines. Therefore, we have taken it upon ourselves to provide this vital admission information (i.e. TEG Admission Alerts) at timely intervals. Registered members receive approximately 70 Application alerts with the below-furnished details

Who are the receivers?

Students who had completed +2 and seeking admission in reputed institutions across the Country

How does it work?
  • It will make applicants to put application on date without missing the dead line.
  • It minimises the time of searching for the official website for application as while you are searching for the website, many websites will open in the same name.