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Telephonic Guidance cum doubt clearance over a phone call is incredibly helpful for parents and students who are facing doubts and uncertainties during the college and course selection process. 


Parents and students often have personal biases, neighbor influences and preferences when it comes to college and course selection. Ashwin Sir’s knowledge about futuristic courses and top colleges in India can help parents and students to choose the best Institution and career path that aligns with their interests and skills and has future prospects.


Students and parents can have a quick guidance over a phone call, including information on top colleges, courses, scholarships, job prospects, and industry trends, which can help students make better-informed decisions and ensure long-term success by joining in a reputed Institution for their higher education.


Telephonic doubt clearance and guidance can be very important in the admission process for several reasons :

Personalized attention
  • Speaking over the phone allows for a personalized interaction where the expert can address specific concerns or questions the student may have. This one-on-one attention can be particularly helpful for students who may feel overwhelmed or confused about the admission process.
Real-time guidance
  • Speaking with an expert over the phone can provide real-time guidance and support. This can be particularly important for students who may need to make decisions quickly, such as deciding which college to attend or which major to pursue.
Clarity on admission requirements
  • Admission requirements can be complex and difficult to understand. Speaking with an expert can help students understand exactly what is required for admission to a particular college or program, which can save time and reduce the likelihood of mistakes.
Access to valuable information
  • Experts can provide students with valuable information about the college or program, such as admission deadlines, program requirements, financial aid options, and more. This information can help students make informed decisions about their education and future career.